• We set up our own overseas warehouses in USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea etc. We provide our partners not only with basic services: storage, inventory management and WMS, but also with value-added service such as sorting, packing, labeling, commodity inspection, delivery and goods return/exchange operation.
  • With mature program conducting experience and professional teamwork, we always provide our customers with improved and qualified service and continuous caring.
  • Based on characteristics of your commercial projects and products and analysis of your actual demand, we provide each client with just-in-time customized personalized service.
  • We base on customers’ specific project and commodity, and their practical needs, to make customized service design and customized personalized service.
  • We will continue to improve our service system and global network, increase management efficiency and advance market competitiveness and visibility in international market to grow with our clients together.
  • Network High lights
    Global Overseas Warehouses Incheon Air all-cargo carrier with regular and fexible flights
    Worldwide SCM Hub ·  20 years’ international forwarding resources covering USA, Europe and Oceania.

    ·  Cross-border B2B2C import and export supply chain solutions

    ·  Customized solutions designed by Supply chain expert team

    ·  Optimized cost-effective design based full service of CBEC

    ·  Supply and distribution system of international brand genuine goods

    ·  A distribution system with international brands and genuine goods resource


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