UTAO has its own IT team to provide IT consulting services and system support for matching its clients’ demands and its own project implementation. UTAO's supply chain software is self-developed that can fully support multi-functional, multi-modals and cross-region business operations. The system is capable to interface friendly with that of customers at its maximum range as well.


- SCM System Platform

A-WMS (Apparel Warehouse Management System)

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

DCM (Distribution Channel Management System)

TBM (Terminal Business Management System)

VMI (Vendors Managed Inventory System)

VIM (Virtual Inventory Management System)


- Inbound and Outbound Management

IEMS (Import & Export Management System)

Customs Documentation System


- Logistics System

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

E-Cargo System

E-Customs System


- E-Commerce Platform

Cross-border B2C E-Commerce

Cross-border B2B E-Commerce

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