IT Consulting & IT System Surpport

Kwise has its own IT team to provide IT consulting services and system support for matching its clients’ demands and its own project implementation. Kwise's supply chain software is self-developed that can fully support multi-functional, multi-modals and cross-region business operations. The system is capable to interface friendly with that of customers at its maximum range as well.

- SCM System Platform

A-WMS (Apparel Warehouse Management System)

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

DCM (Distribution Channel Management System)

TBM (Terminal Business Management System)

VMI (Vendors Managed Inventory System)

VIM (Virtual Inventory Management System)

- Logistics System

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

E-Cargo System

E-Customs System

- E-Commerce Platform

Cross-border B2C E-Commerce

Cross-border B2B E-Commerce

- Inbound and Outbound Management

IEMS (Import & Export Management System)

Customs Documentation System


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