Global Mall

Cross-border E-commerce Solution/Operation

Kwise has rich client resource and project operation experience. Based on this, Kwise set up CBEC Centre in Qingdao, China. With this centre, Kwise will help Chinese suppliers to sell their products to the global world and in the meanwhile, we can help international fashion brands build/add sales channels to Chinese market as well.

Kwise will provide customers with comprehensive one-stop SCM service, aiming at improving brands running efficiency and optimizing each partner’s profit in SCM.

  1. Cross-border E-commerce Consulting
  • Cross-border E-commerce strategy consulting
  • Cross-border E-commerce technology consulting
  • Cross-border E-commercemarketing consulting
  • Cross-border E-commercemanagement consulting
  1. Cross-border E-commerce Establishing
  • Help enterprises to establish official E-shop with independent operation
  • Help customers to establish official flagship store on Taobao.
  1. Marketing and promoting
  • Optimized marketing strategies and design on the basis of brand location, end-customer features, habits of end-customers and different phase of E-shop
  • SEO/SEM/SNS digital marketing strategies and design solutions consulting
  1. Cross-border E-commerceOperating
  • E-shop opening: Open E-shops on various B2C platforms
  • E-shop design and decoration: Daily maintenance and decoration during promotion
  • E-shop display: Goods description, Photos, E-shops FAQ etc.
  • E-shop customer service: Guiding and consulting service before sales;goods’ maintenance and complaints after sales
  • Marketing activities launching: Design and carry out sales promotion;  Make and manage Advertisement.
  1. Omni-channel Sales and Distribution

We will conduct sales and marketing on different E-commerce platforms, such as Taobao, JD, YHD and E-shops on Wechat.

  1. Comprehensive logistics service

We provide professional warehousing facilities and equipment. Customized ERP/WMS can meet various needs of large scale sales, saving time and cost. We choose optimized 3rd party express as per product categories and make sure goods delivered to end customers safe and well.

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