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Founded in 1998                     HQ: Qingdao,

BRANCHES: Shanghai Ningbo

Kwise Thinking

"Internet +" thinking and business model


Integration Supply Chain Solution      Sea Freight

Global Distribution Center                   Air  Freight

Supply Chain Finance                            E-commerce Operation

Kwise develop itself in creating EMU(Electric Multiple Units) model of cross-border supply chain, Global enterprises and products will be much more competitive on global marketing through our solutions and services.


  OVERSEAS WAREHOUSE We set up our own overseas warehouses in USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea etc. We provide our partners not only with basic services: storage, inventory management and WMS, but also with value-added service such as sorting, packing, labeling, commodity inspection, delivery and goods return/exchange operation. With mature program conducting experience and professional teamwork, we always provide our customers with improved and qualified service and continuous caring. Based on characteristics of your commercial projects and products and analysis of your actual demand, we provide each client with just-in-time customized personalized service. We base on customers’ specific project and commodity, and their practical needs, to make customized service design and customized personalized service. We will continue to improve our service system and global network, increase management efficiency and advance market competitiveness and visibility in international market to grow with our clients together. Network High lights Global Overseas Warehouses Incheon Air all-cargo carrier with regular and fexible flights Worldwide SCM Hub ·  20 years’ international forwarding resources covering USA, Europe and Oceania. ·  Cross-border B2B2C import and export supply chain solutions ·  Customized solutions designed by Supply chain expert team ·  Optimized cost-effective design based full service of CBEC ·  Supply and distribution system of international brand genuine goods ·  A distribution system with international brands and genuine goods resource  

Global Mall

Cross-border E-commerce Solution/Operation Kwise has rich client resource and project operation experience. Based on this, Kwise set up CBEC Centre in Qingdao, China. With this centre, Kwise will help Chinese suppliers to sell their products to the global world and in the meanwhile, we can help international fashion brands build/add sales channels to Chinese market as well. Kwise will provide customers with comprehensive one-stop SCM service, aiming at improving brands running efficiency and optimizing each partner’s profit in SCM. Cross-border E-commerce Consulting Cross-border E-commerce strategy consulting Cross-border E-commerce technology consulting Cross-border E-commercemarketing consulting Cross-border E-commercemanagement consulting Cross-border E-commerce Establishing Help enterprises to establish official E-shop with independent operation Help customers to establish official flagship store on Taobao. Marketing and promoting Optimized marketing strategies and design on the basis of brand location, end-customer features, habits of end-customers and different phase of E-shop SEO/SEM/SNS digital marketing strategies and design solutions consulting Cross-border E-commerceOperating E-shop opening: Open E-shops on various B2C platforms E-shop design and decoration: Daily maintenance and decoration during promotion E-shop display: Goods description, Photos, E-shops FAQ etc. E-shop customer service: Guiding and consulting service before sales;goods’ maintenance and complaints after sales Marketing activities launching: Design and carry out sales promotion;  Make and manage Advertisement. Omni-channel Sales and Distribution We will conduct sales and marketing on different E-commerce platforms, such as Taobao, JD, YHD and E-shops on Wechat. Comprehensive logistics service We provide professional warehousing facilities and equipment. Customized ERP/WMS can meet various needs of large scale sales, saving time and cost. We choose optimized 3rd party express as per product categories and make sure goods delivered to end customers safe and well.


With rich client resources and customer service experience, Kwise is setting up an international E-commerce service center in Qingdao of China. This international E-commerce service center will help Chinese suppliers to reach the world market and assist international brands in establishing a smooth sales channel in China market. Kwise provides our clients with integrated supply chain services for the purpose of improving operational processes in the E-commerce service center and benefits optimization for all business parties in the total supply chain. 1,  E-commerce Consulting ● E-commerce Strategy consultancy      ● E-commerce Technology Consulting ● E-commerce Marketing consultancy   ● E-commerce Management Consulting 2, Electronic commerce development ● Help enterprises to establish official E-commerce shopping mall which can operate independently ● Help enterprises to establish official flagship store on Taobao 3, Digital Marketing According to the different market position of the brand, characteristics of target consumers,shopping behavior of Target Consumers group Offering and executing integrated digital marketing solutions, such as SEO/SEM/SNS etc 4, E-commerce operating Establishing shops: Establishing B2C shops on all the Online Shopping Mall Online shop decoration: daily activities and Maintenance for online shops New arrivals hit store shelves: description, take photo, online shops FAQ maintenance Online shops customer service: Commodity consulting, Pre-sales service such as shopping guide; after-sale service such as maintaining, Complaints dealing Marketing activities placement: sales promotion planning and executing; advertisement planning and management. 5, Omni-channel sales and distribution We will conduct sales and marketing promotion on different online shopping malls according to products attributes, such as Taobao, JD,  yhd, Wechat mall etc. 6, Logistics service We have professional warehousing facilities and equipment, customized ERP/WMS system for online E-commerce industry can meet the requirements of large scale marketing promotion activities, which is favor of improving distribution and saving cost. And this system can cooperate with the best 3rd party logistics suppliers according to products attributes and make your cargo reach consumers in time and in good conditions.